Chastizing your man is, as per my experience, one of the most important things on a path of establishing a FLR.



Serotonin is a hormone which regulates muscle contractions, body temperature, apetite, general behaviour, blood pressure and breathing.

The important part is that, when in balance, it provides sense of satisfaction and mental relaxation.

To skip other unecessary information, it is simple; serotonin reduces in quantity whenever a male is not able to come, whenever his balls are full. In order to achieve balance, man needs to come. In order to come, he needs to be free. In order to get free, he will do anything to please his Domme.

That being said, tease and denial are what follows.

A locked cock can be nicely teased and while locked, edging to the limit of denial is a bit easier. But…

I still prefer unlocked tease, edging, denial. It gives me more latitude to play with my man’s genitals. Unlock, tease and fill the balls more, lock again.

And enjoy watching how it struggles to come out or at least, come while in cage.

Of course, due to health reasons and the fact that you still love your man, allow him to come. On occasion.

On occasion, allow him a normal orgasm, he will just love you more and more. In the mean time, only ruined ones. Ruined ones will keep him further on the edge and horny and, it is also a normal setup in A FLR…inequality.

The other hormone is ENDORPHIN.

It has less effect due to the fact it secrets whenever a man is engaged in any type of intimate relation with a woman. It is triggered by simple things such as kisses, smell, etc…

The importance of endorphin is that it gives your submissive male, a sense of pleasure, no matter what you do to him. for a sub, frustration is pleasure. For a sub humiliation is pleasure, just as any type of vanilla interaction.

To put it simply, endorphin cancels any negative feeling your male might experience from your actions and open all doors widely for serotonin to take over.

Frustrated male equals…