The first time and you feel awful.  It hurts you as he begs and tells you how much he needs it.  As he curses and his hand shakes as you make him put his cock away.  As he wheedles and tries to undermine your command and you aren’t so sure anymore this is what he wants, but you shore up and are firm and you tell him how it will be.

It turns out he loves you for it.  It drives him mad.  Hearing stern rules almost makes him cum on the spot untouched.  Being denied fuels him in a way you can’t quite comprehend, and this first time as you fight guilt and relief in equal measure you don’t enjoy the power.

Oh but the next time… the next time you barely breathe in his direction and he’s hard?  You work him up with such little effort to the point where he tells you he needs to cum, asks you to cum… and this time you deny him with a smile.  This time the commands fly off your tongue.  This time wonderfully evil ideas spin through your mind and sorting through to pluck only one or two this time occupies far too much of your time.  You are soaked through.

It is not just a no for now.  It is a no for the afternoon.  It is a no for the evening.  It is a no as you cum and he listens.  It is a no as you send him favorite porn of his.  It is a no as you let him choose what toy you will masturbate with.  It is a no as others tease him.  It is a no as you cum again.  A world of denial coming easily, and with each no his desperation is evident, but he doesn’t fight it.  He’s so grateful.  Drowning in lust and hotness and your attention.  Denied but not forgotten.  Allowed to edge and edge so pleasure builds, if not release.

He has a time limit.  A count down.  He knows when his torment is set to end.  That does not stop him from asking.  From needing.  From begging.  From cursing, but with a smile.  Enjoying the teasing nearly as much, if not more, than he’ll enjoy his release.  That’s okay… you’ll enjoy that release enough for both of you, over and over and over

…. and even now, when his time limit has expired, his torment set to end, she breathes huskily in to his mouth. “Are you sure baby?….. are you sure? Do you really want all of this to end…. or, do you want more?”

He moans, he whimpers, his mind far too broken to be able to think clearly…. all that exists is her wickedly swirling hand, her lips so close, her breasts grazing his chest. “You can have more baby, all you have to do is ask…. tell me that you don’t want this to end…. not yet…. beg me to make you wait….”

To her delight he does exactly that. Mindless, incoherent, broken…. he begs for more as he sinks deeper…. pleading with her to make this sweet torment last…. to not release him from this sensual hell of desperation where he is now helplessly trapped.

Now, her triumph over him is complete…. his addiction to her unwavering. “Mmm hmm, yes baby….. I promise, you can have more…. so much more…..”

She smiles at the sound of his whimper, when he realizes what he’s just done, but it’s too late. There’s no going back now. Wickedly she purrs in to his mouth, “It’ll be ok baby, I promise….. now, let me show you just how much longer I can make…. you….. wait….”